• Asset managers have filed applications for Ethereum (ETH) futures exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
• The applications come less than two months after the SEC received a slew of spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF applications.
• At least six asset managers, including Grayscale, have applied for ETFs.

Asset Managers File Applications for Ethereum Futures Exchange-Traded Funds

Asset managers have submitted an Ethereum (ETH) futures exchange-traded fund (ETF) filing application with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This is coming in less than two months after the financial regulator received an avalanche of Spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF applications from several traditional financial institutions, including BlackRock.

Six Asset Managers Have Applied For ETFs

At least six asset managers, including Grayscale, Volatility Shares, Bitwise , ProShares , VanEck , Roundhill , and Grayscale , have filed their applications on Aug. 1st. Most of the firms proposed to list their products on either NYSE Arca or Cboe BZX Equities Exchanges with the exception of Roundhill and ProShares which opted for Nasdaq exchange and NYSE Arca respectively.

Risk Of Market Panic Being Weighed Against Binance Criminal Charges

The U.S Department of Justice is reportedly weighing criminal charges against crypto exchange giant Binance against the risk of market panic it could trigger if they proceed with it. If charged, this would be the first such action taken against a major crypto exchange by federal law enforcement authorities since 2019 when they initiated an investigation into Coinbase’s possible involvement in money laundering activities in conjunction with its acquisition of cryptocurrency startup Neutrino at that time.

Total Value Locked Across DeFi Protocols Down More Than $3B Since Curve Finance Attack

Total value locked across all Decentralized Finance protocols has dropped more than $3 billion since hackers made off with more than $37 million worth of DAI from Curve Finance on August 3rd . The attack triggered a wave of liquidations across multiple DeFi projects as users scrambled to withdraw funds before prices dropped further .

Non-Profit Glo Launches Stablecoin Leveraging Yields To Alleviate Extreme Poverty

A non-profit organization called Glo has launched a stablecoin leveraging yields to alleviate extreme poverty around the world . The coin was designed to provide low cost capital to entrepreneurs in developing countries who are unable access traditional financing due to lack of collateral or credit history .