• Coinbase’s Ethereum layer-2 chain Base is live to the public.
• Federal Reserve creating ‘Novel Activities Supervision Program’ to oversee new financial technologies.
• Bitmain and Anchorage Digital have an equity stake in Core Scientific’s updated bankruptcy restructuring plan.

Coinbase Launches Ethereum Layer-2 Chain

Coinbase has announced that its Ethereum layer-2 chain, Base, is now available to the public. This marks a major milestone for the company as it looks to expand its presence in DeFi and provide users with access to faster and more cost effective transactions on the blockchain. The platform will also offer users improved privacy features for enhanced security measures.

Federal Reserve Establishes Novel Activities Supervision Program

The Federal Reserve has recently established a new program called “Novel Activities Supervision Program” (NASP) which will be responsible for overseeing the development of new financial technologies such as stablecoins, digital assets, and other related services. The program aims to ensure that these technologies are properly regulated and adhere to all applicable laws and rules set forth by the central bank.

Bitmain & Anchorage Digital Take Equity Stake in Core Scientific

Bitmain and Anchorage Digital have joined forces with Core Scientific in its latest Chapter 11 bankruptcy case filing. According to the restructuring plan, Bitmain will acquire 27,000 S19j XP bitcoin miners from Core Scientific while Anchorage Digital will take an equity stake in the company upon completion of certain conditions outlined in their agreement.

U.S Prosecutors To Issue Superseding Indictment Against Sam Bankman-Fried

U.S prosecutors are expected to issue a superseding indictment against Sam Bankman-Fried next week stemming from his involvement in Coinbase and Binance cases pertaining to trading tokens identified as securities by SEC regulations. It is unclear at this time what specific charges he may face but it is believed that they could be related to money laundering or fraud allegations due to his involvement with certain companies linked with these activities in recent years.

Bitstamp Halts U.S Trading Of Seven Tokens Identified As Securities

In response to recent developments surrounding Coinbase and Binance cases involving tokens identified as securities by SEC regulations, cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has decided to halt U.S trading of seven such tokens until further notice out of precautionary measures taken by them for compliance purposes with federal laws set forth by American regulators on digital assets trading platforms operating within its borders .