• Crypto exchanges experienced a decrease in spot trading volume in April, with Binance taking the biggest hit.
• Former SEC official John Reed Stark is calling for a US ban on Tether, describing it as a “mammoth house of cards”.
• A recent Tether attestation shows $1.5B worth of Bitcoin in reserves, while Bitcoin halted its four-day slide on better than expected CPI news.

Crypto Exchange Spot Trading Volume Declines

In April, crypto exchanges saw a decrease in their spot trading volumes, with Binance taking the biggest hit. This decrease can be attributed to changes in market conditions and investor sentiment.

Former SEC Official Calls for US Ban on Tether

Former U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) official John Reed Stark has urged regulators to ban crypto firms from offering Tether USDT. He believes that the stablecoin issuer could be the next domino to fall due to its lack of legal framework guiding operations in the United States and no requirements for audits or reporting regarding reserves.

Tether Attestation Shows $1.5B Worth of Bitcoin In Reserves

A recent Tether attestation revealed that there is $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin held in reserves by the firm. This news comes after Bitcoin halted its four day slide with better than expected consumer price index (CPI) news coming out this month.

Binance Moves Bankrupt Voyager and FTX Tokens To Innovation Zone

Binance has moved bankrupt Voyager and FTX tokens into their innovation zone which allows users to trade these tokens at their own risk without any assurance from Binance regarding their safety or security of funds deposited by users into these tokens wallets on Binance platform .


The current state of cryptocurrency markets is dynamic and ever-changing; hence investors should remain vigilant when engaging in any form of digital asset trades or investments as certain risks may remain unaccounted for at times